How to Access the Membership Platform

1. Register/Login to the Discord App
All our premium paid memberships are accessed through the Discord App, so be sure to download the app on your devices. You can download Discord on mobile devices, and/or desktops. You can also access Discord by logging in on any web browser at
2. Pay for a Membership
We now utilize the Launchpass platform to manage our membership subscribers.
Upon clicking "Pay" when purchasing a new membership, you will be instantly redirected to the Launchpass portal where all you have to do is click the "Get Access" button. Once clicked, you will be automatically authenticated into the Discord server and asked to log in. The server will now automatically assign your paid role that allows access to the channels of your subscription.
Additionally, you will receive an email containing a secure login link for the Launchpass portal, where you can also gain authentication to our server to access your membership, as well as manage any subscriptions you have through our platform. 

If you do not receive your secure login email, or the portal closes after completing checkout, you can request a new secure login link be sent to the email address you used at checkout here:
3. Manage Your Account
If at anytime you need to manage your account after purchasing a membership, you can access the Launchpass portal with the email address you used to sign up here: Launchpass Portal
4. Discord Basics / How to Use Discord (3 minute video):